Hey guys!

My name is Nina and I am a solo traveler with many an unexpected adventure under my belt. It all began when reading a travel blog and deciding that I wanted to sleep on stranded islands and climb mountains too! And so I left with no experience and plenty of wanderlust and that’s where it all started. 49 countries later and I have slept in native villages off the Darien coast, been stranded in the Bolivian altiplano, wandered into various unsavory places, been broke and hungry and been treated to a taste of luxury from serendipitous encounters along the way. One thing is certain and that is that anything can happen!

On this site I will post some information on destinations but mainly I will share stories from the road on my blog, because there are so many more talented writers than I who are better at that stuff.

Currently I am finishing my degree in Ireland and other than shorter trips abroad I will be staying put until I can fulfill my next big dream which is cycling to Australia! I did a cycling trip earlier which you can read about on my blog and it inspired me to plan an even more epic journey! But first study….yawn… (It will all be worth it Nina!)

Hope you enjoy and see you on the road!