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Finding balance in the middle of the earth.

It was dark outside, the bus station was almost empty and I had been waiting for hours on a hard metal chair in Armenia, Colombia. FARC rebels fighting in the south had led to the border being closed the past week and I had a flight from Quito, Ecuador that l had to be on in five… Continue reading Finding balance in the middle of the earth.

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Hooked on Howth

"Is it supposed to taste like that?" The man laughed as he cracked open another oyster with his knife. His hands worked skillfully almost sensually as he twisted the blade at the tip and gently prised them open. His wide smile and booming voice, alternated with the soft click and pop as he shucked oysters and… Continue reading Hooked on Howth

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Friendship on the road 

“Two for one dollar, three for one dollar, four for one dollar!”  The little girl with her basket of postcards trailed imploringly behind me. When l shook my head she repeated her plea in German and then Spanish. She was one of the hundreds of children that wandered the temples of Angkor Wat. Built during the… Continue reading Friendship on the road 

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What to do in Salento

I had never heard of Salento before coming to Colombia until it was casually mentioned by other travelers. This mystical town in the southern hills with towering palm trees and lush forests. It just sounded like a dream, rolling coffee bean farms, horses and jeeps the only means of transport on the dirt trails,  I… Continue reading What to do in Salento

Colombia, South America

Changing perspectives in Salento

I love how traveling always teaches you something, there is often a lesson to be learned or a reminder of your faults and prejudices. Salento did that for me. This is a short story of a lesson I learned there... I had decided on impulse to add Salento to my trip south through Colombia on… Continue reading Changing perspectives in Salento