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Cliff hanger

I have always been a competitive sort of girl, I treated life like a  game, exalting at every well placed roll and sulking in a corner if things went against me. Every aspect in my life was affected, I had to be first I had to be ahead of everyone else, even if always being… Continue reading Cliff hanger

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Friendship on the road 

“Two for one dollar, three for one dollar, four for one dollar!”  The little girl with her basket of postcards trailed imploringly behind me. When l shook my head she repeated her plea in German and then Spanish. She was one of the hundreds of children that wandered the temples of Angkor Wat. Built during the… Continue reading Friendship on the road 

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Kuala Lumpur

Scroll down for practical travel advice  First impressions of Kuala Lumpur was that it is a big city, secondly l realised that l didn’t like big cities. Unless they have the history and culture of Paris or Rome l try to stay as far away as possible! Dusty alleys and busy streets were all around… Continue reading Kuala Lumpur

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Beijing and the great wall

I didn’t come to China with any preconceptions I hadn’t even originally planned to go. But I’m glad l did. It’s a country so vast that it spans time zones and climates and it’s as varied from the north to the south as its temperature. I barely scratched the surface and yet l feel drawn… Continue reading Beijing and the great wall

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Siem Reap

  The main purpose of my visit to Cambodia was to see Angkor Wat the ancient capital of Khmer. Many years ago when l first saw a photo of the temples and ruins at Angkor Wat l knew l had to see them. Actually having that dream come true makes me feel so blessed and… Continue reading Siem Reap