Novi Sad to Istanbul

This is the story of two girls who decided to bike to Istanbul, just because they could. We spent less than 5 euros a day and stayed almost exclusively with local people who put us up for the night and fed us too! We used bikes that were not even worth scrap metal and we had a whale of a time! Best trip ever!

Day 4 Paracin-Nis 82 km

Ok so a little bit about yesterday, though we are late to be on the road right now so I am typing fast. Yesterday we arrived in Nis at around 3.30, it really wasn’t that hard to get here, as there was one 9km hill right in the beginning of the day but not so… Continue reading Day 4 Paracin-Nis 82 km

Day 5 Nis-Pirot 75 km

Today we were accompanied on our journey by two other bikers who we had a drama with the day before, they suggested coming with us for the first 40kms and suggested we didn’t take the flatter path across the canyon. Instead they wanted to go through a more mountainous route, we were up for it.… Continue reading Day 5 Nis-Pirot 75 km

Day 6 Pirot-Sofia 87 km

We left Pirot around 5:30 and had a beautiful sunrise over the mountains as we pushed on towards the border of Bulgaria, after a quick stop for our last Serbian pastry (sniff) we crossed over, the difference was almost immediately apparent, the Serbian border guards were friendly and posed for photos while the Bulgarians looked… Continue reading Day 6 Pirot-Sofia 87 km

Day 7 Sofia-Belovo 90km

After being super lazy and sleeping in til 7:30 (okay so technically its 6:30 since we just had a time change…We are SO jetlagged) we had a few cups of coffee and were on our way. Leaving Sofia took as long as it did to get in, the city is huge! On our way out… Continue reading Day 7 Sofia-Belovo 90km

Day 10 Haskovo 0 km

So today was the first time we had any problems on our trip, we woke up at the usual 5 am and I started running about making tea and getting our gear sorted when I noticed that Anna was not her usual chipper self, just as I proclaim myself ready Anna runs to the loo… Continue reading Day 10 Haskovo 0 km

Day 12 Edirne-Kirklareli 80 km

The lesson of the day…. never expect ıt all to be downhıll. We were real Pollyanna’s at the begınıng of today. We only had 80 kms to cover and ıt seemed (from our ınvestıgatıons) to be purely flat roads. Feelıng at ease, we slept ın and had a luxurıous breakfast… feelıng lavısh and wealthy wıth… Continue reading Day 12 Edirne-Kirklareli 80 km