Day 10 Haskovo 0 km

So today was the first time we had any problems on our trip, we woke up at the usual 5 am and I started running about making tea and getting our gear sorted when I noticed that Anna was not her usual chipper self, just as I proclaim myself ready Anna runs to the loo and proceeds to make weird noises like a cat hacking up a hairball…eeek…  After this glamourous start to the day she proclaims herself okay and ready to proceed as if she makes it a morning habit to throw up lasts night’s dinner. Well I was having none of it and using my best matronly stare I ordered bedrest, which she agreed to do for one more hour. At six she gets up and runs to the loo again, only to insist that now she REALLY is better. As if to prove her point she starts taking out the map and planning our route with an emergency stop at the town of Harmanli in case she starts throwing up again. Hmmmm, not on my watch sister, so back to bed she goes and sleeps for about 5 more hours, meanwhile I start reading a novel which just happens to be terribly depressing and while she is sick on one side of the bed I am furiously wiping at tears on the other (God I’m getting soft these days).

Later we went for a walk across the road to get online at the internet cafe and decided to spend the whole day in bed sleeping, reading and watching sappy love movies. At one point both Anna and I were weeping in our room sniffing and not a bit ashamed to admit that we are terribly girly when given the opportunity. Two hardened bikers with amazingly tanned legs who have braved headwinds, mountains, vicious dogs, bulgarian men and trucks crying like sissys at true love.

Well I am happy to say that Anna seems to be doing better, I forced her to eat my cooking and she bravely did her best to not throw it up. Please do keep her in your prayers, we know there was a reason for this but if she feels better tomorrow than we will head to Turkey over 100 km away, the road is very dangerous on this stretch and it is possible that because tomorrow is Sunday it will be a safer day for us to travel. Please pray for continued strength and health and also for my hands, I have gotten blisters on the backs of my hands from the sun, we use 50+ sunscreen but because its so hot the sweat runs down our arms (sexy huh?) and stops on our hands where the sun gets magnified and burns them quite bad.

Keep us in your prayers!