Day 13 Kirklareli – Saray 65 km

We got up very early today as the roads were so bad the day before that we were preparing for the worst and wanted a good headstart. Our hosts made us an amazing breakfast and we started out just as the sun was rising. The roads thankfully were allot better than the day before and so we were feeling very cheerful compared to yesterday, but then Annas wheel started to wobble. I was secretly rather pleased as up until now my bike has been having the problems (except for her pedal which broke in Haskovo) okay I’m kidding I wasn’t pleased as it meant a hot wait in the sun while a seventy year old man veeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly started to take off the wheel and inspect it under a microscope. It turns out one of her spokes were broken but he assured her that it would still run. Hmmmm well we were very close to our end goal and didn’t really want any more delays and so took his word for it. After a rather uneventful ride, through beautiful rolling hills and forests we arrived in Saray. Here Guven had arranged a place for us to stay at a hotel where the owner was a cycle touring fan and we were to be his guests. The hotel was really nice and we went out to eat the traditional meatballs of this region which were pretty good. After returning the owner of the hotel offered to take us to the Black sea to a little seaside town which is famous in that area. Well it was only 30km away so we accepted as we figured it wouldn’t take us too long even on the twisting roads. (we wanted to make sure we didn’t stay out late as we had another early start the next day)

Well it sure didn’t take us long, it turns out that this man thinks he is a formula 1 driver and Anna and I were holding hands in the back expecting to die at every turn. There was even a point where we rounded a bend to meet a herd of cows nonchalantly ambling along the road. We eventually made it to the town in one piece and we breathed a joint sigh of relief. The town was very beautiful and we had an amazing time exploring an underground monastery, and a gorgeous bay with a full moon lighting up the sea. We ended up in a little cafe on a cliff overlooking the harbour, where we sat and ordered some drinks, my heart almost stopped however when our host ordered a bottle of Raku which is the local Turkish drink and a whopping 45 % eekkk… If we thought we were gonna die before we were both convinced that certain death awaited us on the return way and we both started composing our own eulogies. The evening went on and on the drive back we decided sleep was the best option and so both blacked out in the back seat and expected to awaken to Pearly gates, but when we oped our eyes it was merely the hotel doorway that greeted us….Phew…