Day 2 Belgrade- Velika Plana 89 km

We snuck out of Belgrade as soon as we woke up and it was a few kilometers of scary roads and vicious dogs that wanted nothing more than to eat us at 5:30 am but as soon as we got outside the city limits we were ok, we took a northern route following the danube after someone’s recommendation that it was a flat route….NOT… It was hill after hill after hill, but the most amazing views and since we had started out early we didn’t have the heat of the day to bother us.

Just before entering Smederevo we got stopped by a kind elderly man who sat us down and fed us peaches and tea…yummmm…

We entered Smederevo halfway through and had our bikes looked at and the repair guy gave us a look of horror and forecasted doom and destruction, then tried to first sell us a 2000 euro bike and when we refused a 60 euro wheel… hmmmm… no thank you. We had them oiled up and Anna took a nap in the daughter’s car (seriously that girl is amazing she is like a cat she just plops herself down and passes out!) Exiting the town I (Nina) had a fit of anger with my flag as it slipped into my wheel, and I tore it off in rage and tried to dramatically break it over my knee, of course it just bounced back and I ended up looking stupid, so I just threw it petulantly into a ditch. After the hills we had straight roads all the way to Velika Plana, where we had no place to stay. We went to the first and only hotel in the town and found out it would be 40 euros for us… yikes, we asked to talk with the manager and after an initial no, Anna demanded a discount as she was helping “his”children in Serbia (all this over the phone). Amazingly he relented and we got a nice room for 18 euros.

We were so tired that we couldn’t make it to the town to buy food so ended up eating at the McDonalds that was by the hotel…Disgusting I know, and they even charged us 25 cents for ketchup! The basterds….

But we slept so well and really needed the rest after the Belgrade nightmare.