Day 4 Paracin-Nis 82 km

Ok so a little bit about yesterday, though we are late to be on the road right now so I am typing fast. Yesterday we arrived in Nis at around 3.30, it really wasn’t that hard to get here, as there was one 9km hill right in the beginning of the day but not so steep. After that it was flat until Nis when there was a bit of a hill going up into the city and then down again, that’s how it goes with the up’s you know there will be a down, so it’s really okay. The worst part was the gravel roads, there was over 2 km of the worst roads we have been on, the gravel was so loose we were sinking in and had to push our bikes. Other then that the day was glorious and we met so many friendly animals along the way, kittens and dogs that we had to stop and love for a bit.

So on getting here the couchsurfer we had planned could not be reached, he would not pick up his phone, then as fate would have it, Nina popped her tyre on a tack standing in the road, heh, nothing glamorous. She waited while I went to the address of the guy to try and find him. His flat took me a long time to find as everyone said it was somewhere else and I rode around the city for quite a while, when I found it, it was on the 10th floor, no elevator, I had to leave my bike down and race up, it was a really scary place. I can’t type it all now, but yeah it was terrible. To make a long story short, he wasn’t there and i raced back to Nina who was waiting for me to inform her that we didn’t really have a place to sleep. So we prayed and went to the center of town.

Thankfully our friend Nenad (Johnny Talker) called his friend for us, A huge thanks to Srdjan, who was absolutely our favorite person on the trip so far, he took wonderful care of us, fed us, washed and hung our laundry and woke up early with us to make us coffee and help us with our bikes, he was a total hero, and we are so thankful that he rescued us.

There really is a lot more to tell you about yesterday, but now we are back on the road and on our way to Pirot, last stop in Serbia.