Day 5 Nis-Pirot 75 km

Today we were accompanied on our journey by two other bikers who we had a drama with the day before, they suggested coming with us for the first 40kms and suggested we didn’t take the flatter path across the canyon. Instead they wanted to go through a more mountainous route, we were up for it. This was the first day I experienced real pain, the mountain was around 1000 meters and was 6kms of straight climbing. Our guides told us we could get out and walk but we refused as we really wanted to make it the whole way on our bikes, they also suggested that they take some of our luggage, again we decided that we must accept the whole challenge and not chicken out. Oh it was very tough and both of us were feeling a lot of pain in the tops of our legs…. ouch…. Our guides always told us the top was just around the corner… heh.. it wasn’t… it really was very long and hard, but YES we climbed a mountain and the view was fantastic. With every up there is a down and we were treated to a very long downhill.

Nina got a tack stuck in her wheel, and as soon as we got to Pirot (around 1.30pm, the earliest time we managed our target kilometers) she had to go to the repair man. From this point the day got crazy, so basically the repair man invited us to his home. We went and enjoyed beer and snacks with him, we were so relaxed, when he noticed me falling asleep on the couch he let me sleep in a small room of his house ( I have been sleeping in all kinds of crazy locations). Nina’s tyre was going crazy, after getting fixed, it popped, and then popped again… oh dear, we found out the inner tubes were too small and that was the problem.

We didn’t have a place to stay that night, but our kind repair man called a friend who let us have his bed, he didn’t speak a word of English and we relied on good old fashioned sign language and my limited Serbian… which was really fun. Our new friend took us for lots of food and drinks and snacks and insisted we stay up later then our 9.30 bed time (cus we were soooo tired) and took us to meet his brother and friends… we had a great time in the town of Pirot, and afterwards we slept soundly at his home….

Oh so another nice thing, we got interviewed by the local Pirot newspaper, apparently our arrival was quite exciting and we were asked lots of questions, we got to promote our project in Novi Sad and talk about why we did it. Fantastic stuff….