Day 8 Belovo-Plovdiv 67 km

We had a great start to our morning (another late 7.30 wake up) and with a cup of coffee and cake we were well set. We loved the place we had spent the night and were in good spirits. The road ahead was straight and flat, but the weather was very very hot, we were getting a very weird tan. I am all the wrong colours right now and its very unglamourous. Well there is no time for vanity on this trip.

We reached Plovdiv around 1pm, our greatest desire at that moment was to swim, we had seen these magnificent open swimming pools all along the way and we were just dreaming about jumping in and getting a feel of that cool water…. but…. unfortunately… they were all closed. We couldn’t understand why on such a hot day they would be closed, but apparently… the season was over. We frantically searched from street to street for yet another swimming pool, only to have our hopes dashed as we found out they were closed again… sigh. At our last hope, the very last pool in town, we stood as the guy told us it was closed, Nina started to weep and beat the man (just kidding), but we were sad. So then the manager comes up and sees us and tries to explain that the season is over… but… since we are such cuties (he didn’t use that word) he allowed us to swim. We were the only ones in the huge pool, well almost the only ones. There was a model taking a modelling shoot, being such natural beauties ourselves, we decided to outshine her and also took some great calender shots (you will have to pay big money for these) we were definitely on the hot tamale train (SCREAM)

After our pool time, we went to try and locate our couchsurfers house, we had a nice time getting lost in Plovdiv and wandering through cobblestone streets and dragging our bikes up and down and everywhere. My shoe totally gave up the vision for life and officially died along the way, tearing off at the sole, and I had to buy some new ones.

We eventually met up with our gracious host who took us back to his lovely apartment, we had to carry our bikes up another 4 flights of stairs (working out our arms too) We waiting for Barans (our host) friends, and cooked dinner with them. The dinner and party was going on and on and we were so tired, we just wanted to sleep. Our hosts were so kind and wanted to give us lots to drink and talk and laugh… but oh we were not the life of the party, we were terribly exhausted, unfortunately our beds were in the living room, so we had to wait for everyone to go.. which was taking what seemed like ages… I could have slept right then and there. Finally after we looked so forlorn and sleep needy, the other two couchsurfers offered us their room, and we gratefully took it, we rolled into bed at around 1.30am, not at all a suitable time for two young ladies like ourselves, who deserve a nice early 8.30 bedtime every night on this trip. That rounds up day 8