From the snowcapped mountains in China to the Palm trees in Thailand, Asia is as mysterious and culture rich as any continent I have traveled through.

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A backpackers Paradise, everything in Thailand is easy. From the delicious street food easy transportation system, stunning beaches and nature parks it’s hard to not fall in love with this country. Whenever someone asks me where to go in South East Asia I will always reply with Thailand if it is your first journey. It… Continue reading Thailand


Cambodia is a country that has been ravaged by civil war and yet still retains a spirit of peace and hospitality. From the ancient wonder of Angkor Wat to the beaches of Sihanoukville there is something for everyone in this cheap and friendly country. Images by David


Malaysia is a melting pot of Indian, Chinese and Malay culture. It is predominantly Muslim and has the most diverse and interesting food I have sampled on my journey.


China is a country so large that to fully understand its complexity you must spend months immersing yourself in its depths. It has different languages, cultures, terrains and food. It’s not the most travel friendly place for a foreigner but you are rewarded with experiencing things few others get a chance to. Images by Shawn