It lays between East and West a mixture of cultures and religion making the Balkans unlike any other place in Europe. With arabic hospitality and western freedoms its an amazing place to visit and after having lived in Serbia and traveled extensively in the neighbouring countries I can truly say its a magical place.


Rolling hills, majestic fortresses, crystal clear rivers, overwhelming hospitality and a history torn apart by conflict are all synonymous when I think about Bosnia. It is a country unlike any other in the Balkans and I hope it finds a special place in your heart like it did in mine. It might not be on… Continue reading Bosnia


I had driven through Slovenia years ago, it was in a car that had to be pushed to start, was always running on fumes and had no working aircon or fan in 35 degree heat. Needless to say we drove through it as quickly as possible to reach the beaches of Croatia and some relief… Continue reading Slovenia


The first country I ever traveled to alone was Croatia. I was 15 and I can still remember the excitement of boarding a airplane for the first time without my parents. After that the memories are a bit more blurred as I indulged shamelessly in the free mini bar onboard. I even left the airplane… Continue reading Croatia