South America

I spent several months backpacking through South America and picked up allot of useful information on the best way to travel this stunning continent.

Learning some Spanish is absolutely key to getting the most out of this place as many places I traveled to there was no one who spoke English. Pick up a phrasebook and don’t worry, soon you will pick up all sorts of useful sentences .

I traveled almost entirely by bus as planes were relatively expensive. Personally I found that bus travel was a relaxing and unique way for me to experience the countryside and I spent many a day reading a book and peacefully watching the world go by.

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Bus Travel in South America


Colombia is a country that stole my heart from the minute I set foot on the shores of Capurgana. It is extremely easy to Navigate and even traveling alone and with limited Spanish it was a hasslefree and enjoyable journey. Buses are king in Colombia and you can rock up to the central bus station… Continue reading Colombia


No other South American country on my travels would have the sweet innocence that I found in Bolivia, and no other country would elevate me to celebrity status like this little gem surrounded by its more affluent cousins. It is the poorest country in South America and it shows, and yet it had a spirit that… Continue reading Bolivia


  Rio De Janeiro! Everytime I hear that I can’t help singing “In Rio” from the cartoon “Rio”. Brazil was just meant to be a stopover, it was the cheapest flight home as I was ending my journey in South America from Bolivia and flights were about two times the price as one from Rio.… Continue reading Brazil