Osprey Backpacks “Farpoint”

Ok so l’m a bit of a perfectionist which is odd because l am ANYTHING but perfect, still if l am going to buy something l will spend hours of research and anguish before being certain that l have found exactly what l am looking for. Hence this post as l would love to save all of you the hours l already spent on finding the perfect bag for my tour to Asia.

I wanted something light, innovative and good quality and l settled on this baby the “osprey farpoint 70”



now originally l was going to go for the 55 as l didn’t think the 70 was necessary but l discovered that the dimensions for the Small size are identical and both fit as a airplane carryon so l figured l might as well treat myself to some extra space should l want to pick up some souvenirs on the way home.

Now the few key selling points are these.

  • Its not top-loading. Nothing as annoying as rooting around for your clothes at the bottom of your bag, this one unzips like a suitcase and the zippers have metal rings to lock them with. 
  • The shoulder straps zip into the frame. I am terrified of airlines loosing my bag this way you can take it on a airplane as carryon without all the straps hanging loose. It also works well if you want to put it in the baggage hold as the straps wont get caught on anything during transit
  • It has a daypack. I just love the daypack! It unzips from the mainframe and is perfect for taking that short trek to a beach or scooter ride.
  • Lightweight and good quality. I really didn’t want to be lugging around anything too heavy. 
  • Safety Whistle. Im a girl! sometimes its nice to have that added touch. 
  • The S/M size fits as cabin baggage. With the daypack unzipped this fits just right into most airlines cabin bag allowance and then the daypack counts as your “personal item” winwin! 

So there you have it! click on the links below for a video and site to buy it.

Video tutorial      Buy bag on amazon

Update: After traveling to three continents and every type of climate I can conclude that this was a very good choice. The larger 70 size was highly appreciated when traveling to colder climates where more clothing was needed, only issue I have is that the smaller day pack has very small impractical netting for a water bottle, it only fits a small one on the side. There has been some stretching in the seams and salt from the salt plains in Bolivia has caused some corrosion on the zippers. All in all though a very good backpack and I saw many other travelers with the same model.